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Proper lifetime financial planning. A short video demonstrating the process for lifetime financial planning.

John Beattie interview with Carbon's Gordon Wilson

Six steps to successful investing

Six steps to successful investing No.1 ACCEPT THE PRICE

Six steps to successful investing No.2 BEWARE OF MARKET GURUS

Six steps to successful investing No.3 CONTROL YOUR COSTS

Six steps to successful investing No.4 SPREAD YOUR RISK

Six steps to successful investing No.5 BE DISCIPLINED

Six steps to investing successfully No.6 STAY BALANCED

other interesting videos

In this 12 minute presentation as part of the TEDx programme, Victor Haghani uses the puzzle of the missing billionaires to help us explore how and why most investors fail to capture the returns offered by the market. The superb illustration accompanying the talk makes a potentially complex topic easy to understand.

For an insight into how one of the world's most respected fund management firms used academic research to develop its solutions, please watch this 4 minute video entitled "Dimensional Origins".

Like many who knew only of the traditional way the industry manages money, Dimensional's Vice President Weston Wellington found his beliefs being challenged as he learned more about the way Dimensional approach the task. See how in this video of less than 4 minutes.

Spousal bypass trusts, pensions and inheritance tax - Richard Wadsworth, Carbon Financial