WK, Glasgow

“I have to deal with a number of wealth managers, IFA’s and similar as part of my working life and so I see lots of different behaviours.

One of the biggest things which attracted me to Carbon was the fact that they did not push “products” at me – many times in the past I have been approached by IFA’s looking to have me invest cash into various products or shares and I was never convinced that this was in my best interests.  Carbon are not trying to be too clever and don’t claim that they can always beat the market with clever stock selection or by timing changes in the stock markets.  The use of low cost funds (with some “tweaks”) to achieve the desired long term investment returns is something which sits well with myself and Carbon seem comfortable with that model.

The use of the Lifetime cashflow was very illuminating for me and highlighted that I needed to change my attitude from constant saving to sensible saving and actually attempting to spend some cash during my lifetime.  It was probably the first time that a wealth manager has clearly explained to me what I should be thinking of over the remainder of my working life and then into retirement.

As with any successful business, relationships are very important and the team at Carbon are as good as any at this

Everything is managed professionally and I always feel that things are being looked after properly and in my best interests.

It has been great seeing the Carbon business grow and receive industry recognition in recent times – hopefully this will continue.”