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Mark Christie - Corporate Director


Chartered Financial Planner, Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning, Diploma in Financial Planning and Certified Financial Planner.


Working with business owners and their accountants on how best to extract hard-earned profits from their businesses in the most tax-efficient way, then protecting the value of their money once it’s out of the company or setting it to work hard for them again. Mark also seeks to protect businesses from the ‘what if’ scenarios through the considered use of shareholder, partnership and keyperson protection plans.

Why my job's important:

“Very few people take time out of their busy lives to look at their finances, let alone plan for the future. I help individuals and business owners to focus on their long-term plan and identify what they want to achieve. Once this has been established, I can put the appropriate plan in place. They can then focus on what’s important to them – spending time with their families or running their businesses – in the knowledge that I’m looking after their finances and reporting to them on a regular basis.”

Career history:

Mark served his apprenticeship with Standard Life where he worked for 8 years. moving into the independent arena in 1998, where he worked for two national IFAs, Frizzell and Towry Law before heading up the financial services arm of a local firm. He has worked with Carbon's managing director since 2005 and is one of the founding directors of Carbon.

Top financial planning tip:

“Trying to time markets only adds cost and erodes value. Investing is a long-term discipline and it should never be viewed as anything but.”

Favourite book:

"The Godfather" by Mario Puzo

Did you know?

Mark often got mistaken for David Tennant when he was playing Dr Who – at the half-way house on the Championship course at Carnoustie, in various airport lounges and his son’s school playground. Asked by the children if he was Dr Who, Mark replied: “Yes, I’d better get back to filming.” His son was the most popular kid in school that day!