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Barry O’Neill - Investment Director


Chartered Financial Planner, Certified Financial Planner, Investment Management Certificate and Fellow of the Personal Finance Society.


Investment strategy. Barry chairs Carbon’s investment committee and is tasked with driving the firm’s investment philosophy.

Why my job's important:

“Our investment proposition is a key component to what makes Carbon different. It’s in our DNA. Part of my job is to sift through the myriad of investment solutions promoted by the industry to identify the ones that will deliver the most reliable results for our clients.”

Career history:

Barry served his apprenticeship in financial services at one of the big four banks, then spent 12 years at a major life assurance company. He has worked with Carbon’s managing director since 2003, and is one of the founding directors of Carbon Financial Partners.

Top financial planning tip:

“Understanding the inextricable link between risk and reward will make your investment experience much more rewarding and less stressful. Strive to take the minimum risk possible to achieve your objectives.”

Favourite book:

"Penguins Stopped Play" by Harry Thompson

Did you know?

Barry was once a part-time Lighthouse Keeper, but eventually saw the light.