8th September 2016

Nothing has really changed, the natural order will prevail…


In Monday’s Press & Journal, Carbon’s Investment Director, Barry O’Neill explains why he believes that the natural order of investment risk and reward will prevail over the long-term, despite the EU Referendum result.   

Barry questions why anyone would assume that the fundamental rules of investing have changed in a post-Brexit world?  Quite simply; bonds are riskier than cash and shares are riskier than bonds. Bonds have higher expected returns than cash and shares have higher expected returns than bonds. He points to history to demonstrate that simple, low-cost investment portfolios containing a sensible mix of global shares and global government bonds, have routinely outpaced cash and inflation over any meaningful time horizon and that unless you believe that the capitalist system within which we operate is broken, the long-established correlation between investment risk and reward still applies.  

The article is designed to provide a clear explanation of how the rules of risk and reward work and to help investors understand that the Brexit vote changes none of these rules.

You can read the full article here, or by clicking on the image below.

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