28th June 2016

Gordon Wilson joins Louise White on the BBC Scotland’s John Beattie Show

Last Wednesday, Carbon’s Managing Director, Gordon Wilson, made a guest appearance on BBC Scotland’s John Beattie radio show which was hosted by broadcaster Louise White whilst John takes a well earned break.

The initial discussion focussed on the impact on the Euro following Friday’s referendum vote.  The discussion was triggered by the reports of a sharp rise, of almost 400%, in people buying Euros ahead of the vote.  Gordon rightly pointed out that buying Euros ahead of the vote was the best way to be absolutely sure about the cost of your purchase.

The conversation then went on to explore the recent pension reforms and how people are now approaching their pension requirements, and what they are doing with the new freedom to access their pension at the age of 55.  Contrary to some predictions, Gordon confirmed that most people have taken a sensible approach to investing; generally they have accepted that their money needs to last and that they are planning for the future rather than making large or extravagant purchases.

Louise also asked about what to expect when visiting a financial adviser for the first time, and what things to consider when selection who is going to help you plan for your retirement.  Gordon provided some good insights about the initial meeting and the need to explore the options before making a choice about your financial adviser.  Ultimately, he recommends that you need to opt for someone who is qualified, but also someone that you feel you are able to work with.

John Beattie iPlayer copy

It is great discussion on a range of topics and well with listening to, it is available on the BBC iPlayer at the following link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b07g79w9   Gordon’s discussion starts at 1:09:15 into the programme.

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