26th August 2014

Experts in team selection they may be, but are they playing your game?

There’s some interesting and cautionary advice from Carbon’s Investment Director, Barry O’Neill in yesterday’s Press & Journal.

Barry examines a new offshore investment fund being launched by former England football manager, Terry Venables. Whilst such investment opportunities might be attractive to some, Barry’s advice is to treat them with caution.

Quoting from the old adage, “if something appears too good to be true, it probably is”, Barry highlights the lack of track record and high annual charges as a major consideration with this type of investment.

There are many less risky and more proven investment opportunities on the market, but whichever you select, it must have a structured financial plan and a method of efficiently assessing appropriate investment markets.

So, team selection may be Terry’s area of expertise, but first you have to establish which game you want to play.

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You can also view Barry O’Neill’s profile here

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