8th December 2016

Dive in head first or dip your toe in the water?

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In Monday’s edition of the Press & Journal, Carbon’s investment director, Barry O’Neill explores whether there is any merit in drip-feeding your money into investment markets rather than investing everything at once.

Whilst your initial instinct might be to take your time and drip-feed your money in, Barry points to evidence from a research paper that suggests the odds are stacked in favour of investing sooner rather than later.

The research paper, from US investment fund management giant, Vanguard, reveals this to be the case when tested in the UK, US and Australian markets.  Similar results were evident regardless of whether the investment portfolio was a 60/40% equity/bond split, 100% equities or wholly in bonds.

However, Barry accepts that not all investors will want to adopt an immediate ‘all-in’ approach, but he does advise that any gradual investment of your capital should take no longer than a year.  

It’s an interesting article with some sound advice on how to proceed regardless of which approach you adopt.  You can read Barry’s full article here, or by clicking the image below.

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