22nd September 2016

Carbon Fivers 500 Highland Challenge – Day 4

Carbon Fivers 500 Highland Challenge - Day 5

“Another 90 miles, 5,850 feet climbing. Needed teamwork to get through the windy moorland.” (Tweet, Day 4)

In the fourth of his blogs about taking on the Carbon Fivers 500 Highland Challenge, lead cyclist Richard Wadsworth recalls more biting wind, open moors and the best coffee of the trip.

We grudgingly left Mackay’s after delicious homemade granola and rhubarb compote, and the best coffee of the trip.  Back to reality and a headwind along rolling roads.  After 10 miles we felt like we had been cycling all day and, while the beautiful sea views distracted us for spells, it was tough going.

Eventually we enjoyed a long downhill to Tongue, crossing an open bridge and climbing to our first break.  Thereafter it was longer uphills and downhills, rolling along the north coast.

Soon we turned south and back into the teeth of the wind across open moors – by now the teamwork was almost automatic as we sheltered each other and rotated round.

Finally we reached our home for the night, the Garvault, Britain’s most remote hotel, under the stewardship of Graham and Maureen.  Their sign had blown away but we found it, and we were well fed.

If you would like to support the Carbon Fivers campaign and Winning Scotland Foundation you may still do so here. The donations page will stay open until 2 December 2016.


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