About Us

Carbon Financial Partners Limited is one of the UK’s leading independent financial planning, pensions and investment advice firms. We can make this claim based on the quality of the team, our awards, our ethics and our professionalism. At Carbon, the rule is to put our clients’ interests first at all times. We will explain clearly what we can do for you, set out the benefits to you and agree a price for the work with you before we proceed. That way you can weigh up the benefits to you and the cost of the advice so you can make a fully informed decision about whether to proceed. Our advice should be worth considerably more than the fees to be paid.

Set out below is some more information on our credentials, typical clients, costs, what makes Carbon different and how to contact us.

If you’d like to find out more or if you’d like to arrange an initial meeting, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Carbon credentials

Carbon has credentials which few, if any, firms in the UK can match:

Carbon is an award-winning firm at company and individual level.

Carbon is a firm of Chartered Financial Planners.

Carbon has a highly qualified team of financial planners, most of whom are Chartered and Certified Financial Planners.

Four of the team are Fellows of the Personal Finance Society and one is a joint Fellow of both the Personal Finance Society and the Institute of Financial Planning.

The board has combined industry experience of over 160 years.

what makes Carbon different?

At Carbon, we employ career financial planning professionals who put the needs of the client first. Our team is motivated by creating financial plans which significantly improve our clients’ financial circumstances.

When Carbon meets a new client we typically save them 30-50% in annual investment costs and we improve the expected investment return.

Our service includes determining the return you need from your investments and other assets to support your desired lifestyle and to secure your financial position as you get older. Once this has been achieved, we may encourage you to increase your standard of living, spend more, or make gifts. Most new clients who come to us are taking more risk than they need to so rather than talking up the benefits of investing we explain about how to take the minimum level of risk required to meet their objectives. In almost every case, we will be able to reduce costs, reduce tax or reduce risk and in many cases all three.

who are our typical clients?

Our clients are mainly business people or professionals, working or retired. Typically, they come for advice relating to planning for retirement, investing pre- and post-retirement, Inheritance Tax planning and technical pensions advice including using pensions to buy commercial property, and other business related financial advice.

how much does it cost?

Our initial ‘discovery meeting’ is at our cost. This is designed to provide you the time you need to find out as much as possible about Carbon to enable you to make a decision about whether to engage us. Carbon will almost always offer to work on a fixed fee basis with fees being agreed with you in advance of any work commencing. What we charge depends on what you ask us to do.

where are Carbon’s offices?

As well as our offices in Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Perth, we have consulting rooms in Glasgow and London.

how do I arrange an initial meeting?

Please email enquiries@carbonfinancial.co.uk or contact one of our offices directly. We look forward to meeting you.