7th March 2016

The Bank of Mum and Dad should have rules too..

In today’s Press & Journal, Carbon’s Investment Director, Barry O’Neill,  writes about a slightly different topic from the normal investment and pensionsubject matter.  Nonetheless, his article is equally important, and in many ways, closely related to your own financial future.

As Barry beautifully describes, our kids are experts in exploiting the somewhat more relaxed terms and conditions offered by the “Bank of Mum & Dad”, something every parent will be familiar with.  However, Barry feels that one of the greatest gifts you can give them is a firm grounding in the value of money, and the absolute need to budget properly.

Barry draws on the experiences learnt from bringing up his two teenage daughters and  stresses the importance of setting your kids out on the right financial path.  Anyone with children, or even planning a family, should read the article, it will provide you with some useful pointers.

You can read Barry’s article here, or by clicking the image below.

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You can view Barry O’Neill’s profile here. 


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