27th August 2019

Why investing is like rugby

As most of your will know, Carbon is very engaged with the game of rugby through our support of the Bill McLaren Foundation and our sponsorship of London Scottish. Rugby is, in fact, a good analogy for investing, as our … Continued

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26th August 2019

Simply unpredictable

What will happen in the global financial markets tomorrow, next week or over the coming month? It’s tempting to speculate, isn’t it? Indeed, speculation about the short-term direction of shares, bonds, currencies and commodities represents a good chunk of the … Continued

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8th August 2019

The risk equation

Ask an economist to define risk when it comes to investment, and they will most likely reply ‘it depends’.  Of course, there are complex mathematical models that attempt to quantify risk, but these on their own are never likely to … Continued

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The final Carbon Social Cycle Club ride of the year, on the morning of Friday 6th September, heads north to beautiful Royal Deeside. We’ll meet at Aboyne at 8.45am and head west along the South Deeside Road to Crathie before crossing the North Deeside Road and … Continued

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